Valorant allows its players to have many customization options within the game. This can sometimes work in their favor. Riot is constantly surprising its fans with hidden features within the game. The game is always innovative, like the circular crosshair in the Lobster spray. Valiant offers a variety of guns and skins, as well as a wide range of skin upgrades and gun friends. This allows players to show off their achievements and personalities.

Riot Games developed this first-person shooter game. It is built over Unreal Engine 4. Although it was released on June 2, 2020, it is currently only available for Microsoft Windows. You can play it solo or with your friends. It has yet to be discovered if there will be versions for other gaming consoles. It has yet to be found if it will be available for different gaming consoles.

Valorant text chat: How do you do it

When playing tactical shooter games, communication is crucial. Chat is essential even for Valorant parties. Your response may be necessary for your team’s success. If you communicate, you could win the game. There are three types of message boxes in Valorant. These are Whisper (direct messages), All, team, or Team. It’s straightforward. Press Enter on your keyboard to type your message, then press Enter again to send it.

Valorant Party Text

This message will still be sent to your team members. To make your message universal, you can change the “ALL” option to make it global. You can switch to part chat mode by typing /p in the chat box. Your chats will then only be visible to your party mates.

Modify the text color of the Valorant party chat

Recent videos from TikTok showed that users could change the text color of party chat messages. It is possible. We have the answer. The HTML platform is available to players of Valorant. You can change the color of the part chat text by using the HTML codes. This allows users to insert emojis between the text to make it more interesting. The chat looks cool with stickers and emojis. You can change the text color of your conversation to five colors. There are five text colors available: red, blue, and yellow. Different text colors require other HTML codes.